Christmas Stickers



Get into the Christmas spirit with these 154 Christmas stickers!

This sticker pack includes an animated Christmas tree, plus many more static stickers for everything from a Santa hat, gingerbread snowman, present boxes to candy canes!


Birthday Celebration Stickers



Stickers to help you celebrate the birthdays of your friends and family!

This sticker pack includes animated stickers for colored candles, number candles and a sparkler. Plus, there are many more static stickers for everything from balloons to present boxes to party hats!

There are 9 different types of birthday celebration objects included (listed below). They are in various styles and colors, so that in total there are 151 stickers.


World Flag Stickers



Stickers for every country flag in the world! Support your country as they face a rival in sports, share your next holiday destination with friends, or just marvel at the great (and not so great) country flag designs!

There are 238 flags included, but we’ve also included two versions of each flag; one in its standard form, and another in a frozen wave form. So there’s a total of 476 stickers included.

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